Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

A typical morning at this SF bakehouse: utter, beautiful, chaos.

CaffeineChaser_ 1exterior CaffeineChaser_ 2signage CaffeineChaser_ 3RyStephens CaffeineChaser_ 4pastrycase CaffeineChaser_ 5floortiling CaffeineChaser_ 6Ry CaffeineChaser_ 7Ry2 CaffeineChaser_ 8Cruffin CaffeineChaser_ 9Cruffin CaffeineChaser_ 10Neon

The fellows at Mr. Holmes stuck out like a sore thumb to me. How could you miss them? No one in San Francisco (or in the US really) was doing what they did at the bakehouse. Light-hearted, cheeky, and incredibly delicious pastries.

CaffeineChaser_-preview CaffeineChaser_-preview2

A teaser to give you an idea of one of the first of many profiles waiting on the CC docket. Story and photo series inside the kitchen of the bakehouse releasing later this week. Want to be the first to see it? Hop on the mailing list.

Special thanks to Aron Tzimas, Ry Stephens and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. | & If you’re visiting San Francisco and you know whats good for you, follow Aron’s new project SFxSF.

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