Life Hacks Tip #1 – Google Photos

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CaffeineChaser_Google 7 CaffeineChaser_Google 6 CaffeineChaser_Google 5CaffeineChaser_GoogleI’m all about life hacks that simplify your workflow and streamline the tedious tasks. So let me do you a solid and share one with you here: Download Google Photos.

Here’s why:

-I now have an Assistant…that filters my photos, organizes them into a collections, and puts together animations of my 500+ photos (and counting) of coffee.

-UNLIMITED high quality photo storage. Yea, I said it. Unlimited. And it takes all the photos and syncs them on to your Google Drive. Bingo.

-Search Functionality. This baby analyzes your photos and categorizes them so that you can search for things seamlessly. Vacation photos, dog pics, cat selfies, you name it.

-Easy Scrolling. Okay this might be the most underrated part about the app. At this moment I have 4,596 photos on my phone, and my thumbs get tired of scrolling endlessly to look for the old photos I have stashed way back in the depths of 2014 and beyond. So here’s my confession: I’m a photo hoarder and this function saves my fingers a lot of painful scrolling.

Put to the Test:

Google Photos web

Google celebrated the launch of Photos with a series of Wafel & Dinges pop-ups all weekend in NYC. We had 20 seconds to search your photos to find a random object: a bridge, a mountain, an alley, and if you won the challenge, you could #PayWithAPhoto for a freakin’ delicious speculoos waffle. Using the Photos app I found my photo of a bike in 3 seconds flat and even sweet-talked the W&D team for some extra ice cream on top. Can’t get any sweeter than that.

New York is all about the hustle. This city is running fast-paced, 24/7, and sometimes the small things in life are the ones that make the biggest difference. In this day and age we could all use an assistant on our side, and Google Photos might just do the trick. Check it out for yourself.

Running around New York with the new Google Photos App in hand:

Bystanders and Various Hand Models: Daniel Nguyen | Olivia Lopez | Nathan Chen | Fliickman | Jess HannahBobby Halvorson | Phil Rhie

This post was done in collaboration with Google Photos.

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