While in Melbourne asking around for the local recommendations (typical), I happened to hear about this famous croissanterie, infamous for having the best pastries in the city. But here’s the catch. You had to get there by 5:30am to nab a spot in line.

It sounds crazy, and when I first heard of it, I was in disbelief. Who wakes up at 5am to get a spot in line, grab a coveted ticket, and reappear at 7:30 to wait for the croissants to come out? I refused to do it. It sounded ludicrous. I put my foot down. I wasn’t going to do it.

LuneCroissanterie LuneCroissanterie2

I did it. My good friends I’d met in a coffeeshop the day before: the guys behind Mile End Bagels and Flatiron Melbourne, were kind enough to take me to Lune all the way in the outskirts of Elwood on my last morning before flying back home. And by take me to Lune I mean they demanded my address and showed up outside my place at 5:15 sharp, shouting at me to get in the car as I struggled to wake up and roll out of bed to do this bizarre, but beautiful thing that could only happen in a city like Melbourne.

I’m going to be honest with you. Lune’s ham and gruyere croissant is the best I’ve ever had. You only get a maximum 6 pastries per ticket per person by the way; its a small sister-brother operation with limited counter space. Other suspects on their list: Coconut Pandan Croissant, Pain Au Chocolat, Frangipane, and an assortment of cruffin flavors ranging from lemon curd to raspberry chocolate. It was one of those moments where you just enjoy life and eat croissants, forgive me for only taking two photos.

But I do want to take a moment to point out 1. Either how crazy or dedicated the people of Melbourne can be for doing this on a regular basis and 2. How sometimes you don’t need the extraneous business details to build a successful concept. Forget it all and focus on one kickass product.

Lune Croissanterie closed up their small shop in Elwood as of yesterday, they’ll be opening a larger operation in Fitzroy come summer. Read about them here on the Wall Street Journal.

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