Couple Catalog: J + B

Ben and Jordan have been a couple for 2 years and some months.

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You two were long distance for a while. How’d you meet?

Jordan: We met in May 2013 in Santa Monica and went on three dates within a week and a half of meeting each other. The long distance meant we went back and forth for a majority of the time we were together – he would be here in LA fall and spring and would be in another state in the summer or in England for the winter before finally moving here. For the past year (after a semi-ultimatum and a job change), he’s been in California!

What are some survival techniques on making long distance last?

Ben: If you really care about each other, two months is nothing when you’re committed to making it work. Long distance sucks! Especially with an 8-hour time difference.

Some advice – visit each other as much as you can. It was frustrating being apart most of the time, but it was fun to look forward to seeing each other again – especially in new cities that we hadn’t been in together. We also made a point to see each other on special occasions. Both winters we were able to spend NYE together. And one year, 4th of July in Hawaii. One summer I was working in New Mexico for a bit, so Jordan booked a one-way flight to me so we could road trip from Albuquerque to Sedona back to LA.

Does your mom like Jordan?

Ben: My mum is a big fan of her. So are my dad and brother. They’re very supportive of us, even though they weren’t quite sure why she was dating me, haha.

Relationship advice?

Jordan: Date a guy who really wants to be with you – one you don’t have to convince. If you have to convince someone to be with you, he’s just not that into you. And probably will never be into you the way you want him to be.

What made you realize this?

Jordan: One thing I look back on is a text I sent him when he came back to LA after being away the first summer. Some guy had invited me to a Lakers game and I didn’t really know where Ben and I stood, so I texted him: “This might be a stupid question, but are we exclusive?” And he replied with: “I don’t know about you, but I’ve thought that for a while.”

It’s just funny to think about because it was clear we liked each other and were only seeing each other, but I just wasn’t used to a guy being so… committed. And I’m sure most girls (in LA) can relate. It was weird to meet someone who actually wanted a girlfriend because in LA I feel like guys – my friends, ones I’d meet out, ones my friends would date – would always say that they aren’t looking for anything serious. Ben was intentional and straightforward. I love that about him.

We’ve all seen Legally Blonde. What’s your bend and snap? 

Jordan: Sometimes I let him put on soccer on the TV. Maybe my classic bend and snap is being able to talk about basketball. He asked me out while we were flirt fighting over which NBA team we root for. On Snapchat.

Three traits you look for in a partner?

Ben: Intelligent, funny and motivates me to be better.

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