One Year Old – A Recap w/ Framebridge

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It’s crazy how one year flies by. I started Caffeine Chaser a year ago on the idea that I wanted to share more stories and connect with the community, and its taken me to Melbourne, New York, Berlin and Barcelona. Even with all the momentum driving me to move forward, sometimes its important to stop and look back and I’ve been able to do that with the help of Framebridge.

Here are some of the photos that never made it out of the archive:

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Pictured: Tartine Bakery in SF, Ivan Marquez in LA, Coava in Portland, Brian and I in NYC, Seattle, Journy press trip in Berlin and Barcelona, and Jess Hannah and Tyler Thomas.

I hit a few milestones this year. Finished the first year of law school, Caffeine Chaser hit the one year mark, and I went through a few quarter life crises every other day or so in the meantime over careers, love, and friendships. In all honesty the growing pains were the best kind of motivational steroids to become better and be better; fear is healthy, it keeps you humble and hungry. Lately I’ve only committed to some small things: get up early, read everyday, and invest in strong mentors. As for the long term goals, those are still a work in progress. What are yours? Hit me in the DM and let’s discuss.

Framebridge made it easy to commemorate the milestones. They print and frame your Instagram photos/files, or they can send prepaid packaging for you to mail in custom art pieces. When they suggested I celebrate some of the moments I’ve shot this year, all I had to do was upload some of my film scans and these bad boys came in the mail 2 weeks after I ordered them.

Ollieframebridgej.hannahtyler thomasj.hannahj.hannahremyST2A1191ST2A1292IMG_8048Here’s to a year of CC, thanks for being a part of it. If you want to give Framebridge a go, use my friends + family code: CAFFEINECHASER15 to get 15% off your first purchase till Sept 31st. Snapchat me a picture of whatever you frame! @caffeinechaser

Done in collaboration with Framebridge. All jewelry by J.Hannah, pets bribed with the help of Tyler Thomas.

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