Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

A typical morning at this SF bakehouse: utter, beautiful, chaos.

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The fellows at Mr. Holmes stuck out like a sore thumb to me. How could you miss them? No one in San Francisco (or in the US really) was doing what they did at the bakehouse. Light-hearted, cheeky, and incredibly delicious pastries.

CaffeineChaser_-preview CaffeineChaser_-preview2

A teaser to give you an idea of one of the first of many profiles waiting on the CC docket. Story and photo series inside the kitchen of the bakehouse releasing later this week. Want to be the first to see it? Hop on the mailing list.

Special thanks to Aron Tzimas, Ry Stephens and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. | & If you’re visiting San Francisco and you know whats good for you, follow Aron’s new project SFxSF.


1.t.elaine 2.fliickman 3.brian.willette 4.crew.sdj 5.jump cities you can always count on to stun you with depth of field: New York and San Francisco. Luckily I bumped into these fellas in the Big Apple and they gave me a rooftop tour of the city that never sleeps: SDJ, Brian, and Fliickman.

Next travel installment coming up: Fliickman‘s top 5 coffee stops in the city.



Something always compelled me to tell the story, to document and visually craft the inspiration I saw around me. So, with what feels like years in my subconscious and a few sleepless weeks this summer (not without the help of my dear friend Phil @ Fillainy+Co.), the Caffeine Chaser profiles were born. These profiles aim to highlight entrepreneurial creatives who serve their customers by connecting them not only with their neighbors but the greater community. These people add depth and dimension to their neighborhoods as the city gems that we all seek to discover when we travel.

Suggestions, ideas, and comments, welcome. I’d love for you to follow along and join me on this ambitious journey I’ve set out for myself.

Welcome to Caffeine Chaser.