24 Hours in Berlin with Journy

CaffeineChaser_JournyBerlinCaffeineChaser_JournyBerlin (1) CaffeineChaser_JournyBerlin (2)CaffeineChaser_JournyBerlin (4)More like 12 hours. I had a blast crashing with the Journy team at their HQ in Berlin, shooting headshots for the founders of the company, and working on their journyxbarcelona press trip.

While in Berlin, they suggested I experience their custom-made travel with a guide for my 24 hours in the city. 

Here are some of the spots they recommended me:

Voo Store – a concept shop carrying everything from luxury apparel, fresh roasted coffee beans, and a stunning array of aesthetically pleasing magazines. Dip inside this alley to the store and you’ll find yourself wanting to purchase a Helmut Lang coat, a travel guide of Berlin, or both.

Happy Baristas – Berlin is reputable for their burgeoning coffee scene, and they recommended this shop for the architecturally stellar interior design and the pleasant (and actually happy) service staff.

Shops in Kreuzberg – In my exact words to the Journy team I said “No tourist spots. Think: Hipster Heatmap”…which lead them to recommend walking the shops and restaurants along Kreuzberg, which included great local spots like Aunt Bennys. 

Curious to know what you think of their experience, give em a try. They’ll tailor your custom travel itinerary based off YOUR interests as a traveler, make hotel recommendations, and arrange pesky restaurant reservations in Japanese (if need be). They do it all.

For a limited time, get 25% off your first itinerary with my friends and family code, “CAFFEINECHASER.” Happy traveling.